2018 Words, Themes, Goals, Resolutions

2018 is almost upon us and it brings that time of the year where we reminisce about our last year and where we want the next year to go.

2017 jumping into 2018

The last several years, having new years resolutions have shifted to have a word or a theme instead.

This will be my third year having a word (or a few) and the second for one to grow my faith as a Christian.

Having a word has helped me focus on growth and strength versus my weaknesses. Click To Tweet

This year I will be focusing on two (and a third I always focus on so I didn’t write it down.

paint pots in tray

Create; I love to write, craft, and draw (even though I am not that great at it). I want to use my supplies and tools more and grow my creative side more and more.

The next two are focused on my faith and my health.

female praying on bible

Discipline:  training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character  (FROM HERE)
and a few synonyms

  1. Development
  2. Practice
  3. Self Control
  4. Self Restrait
  5. Will

This year I am focusing on eating better. I am facing several autoimmune disorders (still in the process of finding the right doctor to do the right tests and such first) and having a better diet and lifestyle will have the chance to improve my health and what I am able to do. Being disciplined will help me eat the right foods, avoid my trigger foods, and to feel better.

Silence is a bit harder to define. When this word came to me, it took a bit of time and prayer to discover why God spoke this word to me. I came across this post that made God say “this”.  Finding time to be silent to better spend time with God. Spending more time in prayer. Listening to God when he speaks.

And then this post just brought it all around. Made me feel in the gaps I was missing and understanding how being silent can truly help me.

But how do I start this? How do I find the time to be in silence with God as a homeschooling mom? How? Well, thanks to the internet, this post made it very simple; after all, silence should be simple.

Just find 10 minutes to myself throughout the day to find when, where, and how works the best and keep doing it. Invite my family to find their silence.

I will be spending time with my Heavenly Father. I will be spending time learning the Word better. I will be praying more. I will be able to grow more. I will be able to write my experiences and my thoughts down to promote more growth and learning (plus creating more).

Create, discipline, and silence.

These three words will work together throughout 2018 as I grow as a person, Christian, business owner, wife, and mother.

What are you working towards in 2018?

Oh, and Happy New Years!

happy new year 2018

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2018 Words, Themes, Goals, Resolutions