Learning To Be Brave and Confident







These are some of the words I used to describe myself in my head, never would I say these out loud.

I had such negative thoughts of myself. I never thought I was enough. When I was trying to expand my business and get clients I was always questioning if I was saying the right things or if I looked the right way? Whenever I attended church and small group, did I understand the verses and the stories well enough? Whenever I was doing lessons in homeschooling for my children, did I know enough to teach them or know them enough to teach them the way they learn best?

I have fears that I am not a good wife, a good mother, good at homeschooling my children, a good Christian, a good business owner, a good doula, and a good person.

These are my fears. This is how I feel afraid. This is what keeps me up at night. This is what keeps my depression and anxiety elevated and difficult to deal with.

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All of these words seems so hard to attain. Most days I don’t feel like I ever be brave or confident. Most days I can’t even pretend to be brave or have confidence in myself or what is around my life.

Almost two weeks ago God made it loud and clear that I need to be confident in Him and what He does for me and what He does through me. I can be brave because He is there with me, always.

I had a great service on a Sunday that was about confidence.

“Faith is not confidence in myself or my surrondings…faith is confidence in what God has promised me, His presence with me, & His power working through me.”

The question from church
“How would you live your life if you were absolutely confident that God is with you, for you, and working through you?”

Listen to the message here.

I spent some time thinking of this…how would I live my life if I was confident in God and if I was brave because of God?

I would be






Brave and Confident

I would see and know that my kids are learning everyday. I would see that my husband relies on me as I am his other half and what keeps him together. I would see that my clients are grateful for me. I would see that I am learning and growing in my faith every day. I would see that God is working for me, with me, and through me.

I am leaving you with two songs that God presented to me one day when I needed them the most.

Fear is a Liar

You Make Me Brave

Through God, I am confident and I am brave and I will learn how to continue and grow through God to be confident and brave.

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Learning to be brave and confident with God