moving from one passion to another, birth to cub scouts

Almost six years I decided to dedicate my life to helping families as they grow as a family as a doula. I love the work. Learning about how the body works to bring life to the world. Learning about how to help people find their own power.

Watching life enter the world.

Supporting families during pregnancy and postpartum have been an amazing experience and very fulfilling.

Two to three years ago though my health took a turn. I was in the middle of massage school when I developed intense pain in my back. I managed to work through the last few months of massage school with my pain. The following year though was difficult to practice massage and to do as much as I needed/wanted to for my doula/placenta clients. I have taken a step back in my birth business to not be so physically demanding.

During all of this my son joined Cub Scouts. We are currently finishing up year 3 of Cub Scouts. The first year I was his Tiger Adult Partner and it was so much fun to watch my son open up and learn so much. The second year I opted to be a Lion and Tiger Den Leader. It was okay. But this last year I have been Committee Chair and man has it been fun!

I am in my element.

Passion Led Us Here on sidewalk with two pair of shoes

Its a funny thing really. My passion has been in birth for such a long time. I still have a passion for birth but for my current life, it is not where I am in my element anymore. Right now, my element and passion lies fully in running and organizing a Cub Scout Pack.

Every day (pretty much) I am planning, researching, communicating, and creating something to impact and improve the pack.

I never knew when I started this journey with my son and now my daughter, that I would be able to put all the behind the scenes stuff I did to run my business into use with something completely different and love it at the same time.

I still love birth and I want to continue to support families as they grow, but as a doula is not where I am right now. I get to enjoy time with my family. We get to camp more often (without worrying about cell signal). I get to focus on impacting the world of my kids and their fellow pack members. Right now my passion is in running this pack to the best of my ability. I want to help others as they support their own packs.

My current passion has shifted and that is okay. I am still in my element. I am still:

  • Creating
  • Teaching
  • Supporting
  • Learning
  • Growing
  • Serving

The place I am heading looks bright. I am ready to take the next steps to move forward in this new passion.