I am a creative who wants to not only help myself create more often and better but also help others create with their best self.

I love to collect craft supplies because I just never seem to find the time to actually use them between being overwhelmed by so many decisions or by life. My goal is to create more and use my supplies I have so I can find what I truly like to do versus collecting non refined hobbies.
I am also an aspiring photographer who wants to learn more about using my camera to captures moments in life through documentary photography (including one day birth photographer) and also helping businesses with niched stock photography and flat lays.
That leads to me wanting to help other businesses. I have ran my own business for 8 years and I have learned a lot about marketing, branding, social media, etc. I want to be able to share my knowledge as a business owner and also a consumer to help other creatives or small business find their business route.

who am I?

I am a mother to 2 kids whom I homeschool. A wife to my husband. A volunteer for a local makerspace and also a scouting program.

I enjoy watching YouTube, playing video games. I am relearning my love for reading, even if it is just listening to audio books. Relearning who I am day by day.