Lemon Meringue Pie

Somehow I have become the person who makes the cakes for our families’ birthday parties.

I actually enjoy learning different ways to decorate. I have learned how to work with fondant, modeling chocolate, buttercream, frosting tips, etc. There has been something I have been avoiding for years now.

Every year my mom would make lots of yummy desserts for the holidays and since I love to bake I helped. The second year of doing this my mom allowed me to “bake” the pumpkin pie. Yes, bake is suppose to be in quotes. You may think I burnt it right? Nope, after being in the oven for the correct amount of time, it came out liquid. To this day I have no idea how that happened and still feel bad about it.

I also have never made another pie since.

Well this past family birthday month was for my father in law, who happens to love Lemon Meringue Pie for his birthday and somehow I have been able to avoid it for the last 10 years. Not this year.

I knew I needed to face the fear of pie. Click To Tweet

So began the research. Lots of blogs, recipes, and videos later I landed on THIS recipe. It wasn’t perfect (from the reviews) but it was pretty straight forward, included a video, and had lots of suggestions in the reviews.

The day of the party was the time to get started. I had all the ingredients, and they were fresh to avoid any issues.

I knew I needed to watch the curd since it may not set right (as per the reviews).

I knew how to get my meringue done correctly.

Could I do the pie though? I only know 3.14 so maybe not. A little nerd humor there.

I will include the revised recipe below but honestly, the only difference is I added 2 eggs to both the lemon filling and the meringue (well yolk to the lemon filling and whites to meringue).

I baked the pre-made pie dough, oh come on did you expect me to make that from scratch too? Not this time. Rolled the lemons to help with juicing them, whisked the egg yokes (started with 4 as the original recipe called for), heated the buttery non newtonion fluid, oh sorry the butter, cornstarch, and sugar (I took out the salt since I was using salted butter). Did the whisk transfer trick of the butter mixture to the yokes more times than I care to count until I added the now buttery yokes to the saucepan. And cooked it…and stirred it…it wasn’t stiffening up much.

I wanted to get started in the meringue since the lemon filling needed to hot when we put the meringue on it so I let me husband work it a bit.

I wanted the meringue to be thicker so I used 6 egg whites and when my husband told me the lemon filling was still too liquid (hello pumpkin pie flashback) I suggested the two egg yokes. And guess what…It worked. It thickened right up and looked just how I imagined I wanted it to look.

Put the lemon filling in the pie shell, add the meringue on top, dabbed it a bit to get more spikes on the meringue, and baked it for 14 minutes.

It looked great! But we wouldn’t know until “cake” time…waiting, lots of waiting later and it was time to revel the surprise.

My father in law was pleasantly surprised with his birthday lemon meringue pie…but how does it taste?

Well, it came out pretty dang yummy! I was really happy and so was my father in law so yay!

I was scared to make a pie but I am glad I overcame that fear and made a pretty technical pie.

I truly think this recipe is easy enough for beginners to make.


If you make it, let me know how it goes.

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Easy for Beginners Lemon Meringue Pie